Hallihallo und willkommen auf meiner Website!


Ich bin Anja aus Deutschland und freue mich, dass du mit mir Deutsch lernst! :)

I am Anja from Germany and I am happy that you're learning German with me! :)

Another "Teacher"? - Oh please not!

The word “teacher” reminds many people of bad grades, boring subjects and strict teachers, basically: of school. So let me introduce myself: Hallo! I am Anja, not your German teacher, but rather your German "teacher-friend". 😊 I will take you by the hand and make the German language fun for you. Not with tons of grammar, but with games and teaching methods which will make learning much easier for you. German is not an easy language.

It’s hard for students and also (you might not believe it!) for teachers. The problem is that simply teaching grammatical rules, which often can be said to be “boring”, can lead language students to become frustrated and bored with their learning efforts. My goal is it to break down the German language into very small pieces and to present these pieces in an entertaining way so that students can swallow and digest these pieces, one at a time, slowly, but thoroughly.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is simple and consists of 2 words:
Interaction and Immersion. I motivate my students to involve as much as possible. Just as Confucius said:

"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." - Confucius

Another 2 key factors of my teaching style are repetition and fun. The more you repeat words, sentences and patterns, the better you will get in a language. The more fun you have learning a language, the easier it will enter your heart. This is not only true for kids, but also adults. This is how I developed the Happy German Academy for language learning. It combines everything I learned over the last 7 years of teaching and learning languages myself. 


I have a confession to make: I have never studied education. My background is actually in Business. I studied "International Business Administration."

However, I have a DAF-Certificate (“Deutsch als Fremdsprache”/ German as a Foreign Language) by the Goethe-Institute which I proudly passed with "sehr gut" (best grade possible 🤗) and I’ve had experience as a teacher for many years, giving private lessons and teaching in classrooms.

And probably most importantly, I have something which no certificate in the entire world can buy: A true passion for teaching.

Why do I love teaching? I love seeing you, my students, improve and finding new methods that make learning German more fun and easier than in the traditional way. Teaching is, in my opinion, the best way to improve our world, or as Nelson Mandela put it:

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Now! Enough talking! Have you checked out my German Essential Kit yet? No? Then you got some homework to do 😉

Viel Glück beim Deutschlernen!
Good luck learning German!

Danke und bis bald!
Thanks and see you soon!

Deine Anja   
Yours, Anja 🙂 🙂