Empfehlungen zum Deutschlernen

Suggestions for FUN EXPOSURE TIME (PS: We would recommend you to use our course as *primary resource* for the next 10 weeks. This list here merely for you to have some fun exposure time. :) )


Listening Comprehension

Fernsehserien/ TV Shows / Netflix

Auf Youtube


Auf Netflix

  • Dark: One of my favorite German TV shows
  • Türkisch für Anfänger ("Türkisch for beginners"): Another one of my favorite German TV shows
  • A great addon for CHROME: "Language Learning with Netflix"
  • Babylon Berlin (search for it, not in all countries available) 
  • Criminal: Germany (search for it, not in all countries available)



Listening to German Music

Listening in General

  • News website: Deutsche Welle
    Level: beginner-advanced
    Price: free!
  • Coffee Break Germanfun, short podcast episodes
    Level: beginner to advanced
    Price: Monthly/Yearly subscriptions, different price points 
  • News in Slow Germanpodcast episodes about current affairs with transcript
    Level: beginner to advanced
    Price: Monthly/Yearly subscriptions, different price points

Ressourcen zum Sprechenüben

Speaking Resources

Einen Sprachpartner finden - Finding a language Partner

  • Tandem app: Practice languages with native speakers
  • Italki: Either paid or free classes (with language partners)


Reading Comprehension

  • German news "Nachrichten leicht": not so complicated news
    Level: beginner/intermediate
    Price: free
  • Café in Berlin: German Short Stories for Beginners 
    Level: beginner 
    Price: See book or ebook on Amazon 
  • Einfach Deutsch lesen: Foto ohne Namen
    Level: beginner to lower intermediate
    Price: See book or ebook on Amazon 
  • German Short Stories For Beginners
    Level: beginner
    Price: See book or ebook on Amazon 
  • Lingq: app with lots of reading resources and built-in dictionary
    Level: beginner-advanced
    Price: Free (there’s a paid premium version too)

Ressourcen zum Schreibenüben

Writing Resources

  • HiNative : App zum Schreiben auf Deutsch! (Iphone und Android) 
  • HelloTalk : Also an App to chat in German (Iphone and Android)

Grammatik (Übungen & Erklärungen)

Grammar (exercises & explanations)

  • German.net : Super great for grammar exercises!
  • Deutsch-Lernen.com : Great for all types of exercises!
  • Lingolia : Lots of great explanations of German grammar. You will find exercises at the bottom of almost every page.

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